Initialize TeamSFA TM


Initializing TeamSFA requires loading the web hosted system with your customer and product catalogue records. Of course we will integrate with your existing business systems so uploading your data becomes fully automated.


TeamSFA can be up and running from as little as a few minutes to a few days depending on the level of integration you need.  If you want new/updated information returning from your mobile TeamSFA workforce to go directly into your ERP or Account software then TeamSFA will make that happen.  TeamSFA makes is possible to grow your business reach in the marketplace without the need to increase your existing sales support staff costs & operational requirements to meet new sales demands.


While there are many mobile devices on the market available for personal use, please understand that TeamSFA Mobile is designed to run on Windows Mobile Powered devices only. However the good news is that the TeamSFA Mobile Web forms are available on all mobile devices that support web browsing.

You can purchase your Windows Mobile device from any supplier you like. If you have chosen to purchase your Windows Mobile device from a cellular carrier and have activated a voice or data plan you can feel comfortable knowing that TeamSFA is fully compatible with your choice. If you like you may also purchase select devices directly from TeamSFA.

TeamSFA may be used with both wireless and non-wireless devices. Since Windows Mobile Powered devices can use the Internet connection of a desktop/notebook PC while docked, TeamSFA will synchronize its data through the same Internet connection the PC uses. This way TeamSFA may be used all day without the need to connect to a wireless network.


Read about how major corporations have already implemented and benefited from using TeamSFA - Check out the About Us section to read more about TeamSFA Customers.   If you would like to see how TeamSFA will benefit your sales teams please contact us anytime at (416) 662-6398.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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