TeamSFA TM Mobile Solutions

There are two separate mobility solutions available from TeamSFA.

  1. The first solution is accessed with any mobile device browser and provides on-demand access to your information via Internet.
  2. The other solution is designed specifically for the Windows Mobile platform and allows for full time usage of the application without needing a connection to the Internet.
  3. The Windows Mobile version of TeamSFA requires only an occasional connection to the Internet to send and receive any updated information and only when it is required.
  4. Team SFA mobile solutions allow sales and service representatives in the field to stay connected with the office and their customers any time and any place, even where cellular coverage is limited.
  5. Empower your field personnel with 7/24 access to critical data.


TeamSFA TM Mobile applications include: 

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Contact Management
Product Catalogue
Order Management
Team Messaging
Data Synchronization
Delivering Customer Receipts
Work-order Dispatch
Application Update

More information: Choosing your Mobile Hardware.pdf

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