TeamSFA TM is a field sales and service management solution. It leverages a combination of Web hosted applications and Windows Mobile applications to deliver a feature rich experience that sales teams depend on to manage their Customer relationships and order processing requirements effectively 7/24.


Check out the 3 primary overview sections available on the right:   TeamSFA .com - access your data via Internet Explorer 7/24 TeamSFA Mobile - manage your accounts and sales anywhere   Back-Office Integration - automate the communications of data


TeamSFA has a number of features that your business and your sales & service teams will benefit from using each and every day.

  • Automatically sends product and price updates including product images directly to all TeamSFA Mobile users
  • Regular customer and sales history updates sent to specific sales representatives on a daily or weekly basis as required
  • Dispatch sales & service orders instantly and with ease from any Internet connected PC
  • Sales Planning made simple and then synchronize those plans with the Schedule system built into TeamSFA Mobile - helps to ensure that sales plans are followed and that no customer is ever forgotten!
  • Encrypted transmissions for secure wireless communications to & from your mobile sales & service teams devices
  • Compressed synchronization to reduce time and costs
  • Bar-code scanning supported (bluetooth scanner or internal)
  • Wireless printing (bluetooth included in Windows Mobile)
  • Credit Card scanning supported (scanner not included)
  • GPS tracking support (GPS device may be internal or external)
  • Mapping to quickly find meeting locations and the workforce!
  • PrintBoy integration (for printing mobile sales/service receipts)
  • Interfax.NET integration which provides the ability for orders to be Faxed anywhere in the world from within TeamSFA Mobile
  • Authorize.NET integration which provides the ability to authorize credit cards wirelessly from within TeamSFA Mobile
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Please note that InterFax.NET and Authorize.NET usage requires a separate account from those companies and is not included with the subscription price of

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